What do I hope to do with this site?

I'm looking for help.

The other night I stayed up and made this ---> philosophicaltheology.com. It was one of my goals for 2016 to start a blog where I could slowly transition from the classroom, to producing/contributing to a field. (What was I thinking?)

"The best of phil theo." (Getting overwhelmed is easy - we need help finding the best stuff to spend our energy reading, thinking through).

[1] Help "anyone" discover the best phil theo resources on topics. 
[2] Inform people about what is currently going on in the field
[3] Produce visuals/aids/summaries/surveys on central topics/works. 
[4] Blog once every two weeks.
[5] Offer rewards, incentives, fun stuff.
[6] Develop an operational work-flow to make this manageable. 
[7] Help others meet their own goals with this site somehow

(a) A list of topics for 2016 that volunteer writers could pick from in advance and contribute to. ( "What is phil theo?" "Why phil theo matters?" are great places to start).

(b) Generous people to contribute blog posts on those topics above - especially people who like to help others learn.

(c) Must-read-this, type suggestions, for a "Practical Bibliography Project" - You've seen William Abrahams published Bibliography for Analytic Theo. I'd like to build something like that, online, that links out to philpapers or google scholar - and is actively updated (maybe even voted on). Rather than list everything it should list the classic stuff, the "must read" stuff. Tags like "Start Here, or Beginner/Advanced" and article voting, might make this more practical.

(d) Who's Who - list out people with solid reputations for work on certain topics (i.e. follow X if you want to know about divine causation)

(e) Friends who are interested in maybe helping out with something like this while it is new. Perhaps volunteering to keep up a section of the site or keep me up to speed on what is going on with a certain topic

DO YOU HAVE: Warnings? Suggestions? BETTER GOALS? Advice before I start?