Writers Needed

One of my favorite characters in Raphael's  The School of Athens.

One of my favorite characters in Raphael's The School of Athens.

My vision for the blog here at the Analytic and Philosophical theology site is that it would be known as a place that consistently released accessible blog posts which introduce readers at the local church level (or readers from other backgrounds) to both the work already done in analytic/philosophic theology and the work being done currently. Below are potential topics that I would like to see contributors (myself included) write on. If you are interested in contributing once, or multiple times for this blog click the Contact link above.


  1. What is philosophical theology?
  2. Rise of philosophical theology in the 20th century.  
  3. Can we define the boundaries of philosophical theology - when are we doing it and when not?
  4. what is the relationship between philosophical theology and systematic theology? 
  5. What is Analytic Theology and how does it differ from philosophical theology? 
  6. Is there a substantial difference between philosophical theology and philosophy of religion? 
  7. Contrasts between philosophical theology today and similar philosophical or theological projects in centuries past?  
  8. What groups and goals are represented by those doing philosophical theology over the last few decades? What method, interests, or basic belief sets do these persons share in common (e.g. Christian theism? minimal theism? mere interest in certain topics?)

Philosophical Theology and the church.

  1. What does Philosophical Theology offer the church today?
  2. How can local church leaders make use of the resources of Phil Theo? Must they gain a certain level of philosophical education themselves to do so effectively? 
  3. What practical tools do leaders and theologians turn to so as to gain access to the core deliverances of philosophical theology in recent decades (if such tools exist ). 
  4. What is the relationship between those working in philosophy, philosophical theology and the church? Might this be similar to the relationship of any professional working in a domain that crosses boundaries with the resources of the church? 
  5. Are there ways philosophical theology or philosophy generally can be misused or misunderstood by the church? 

Topics for Future Writers

  1. For this section I have the rather idealistic hope that some articles written may summarize work done on certain topics (over the last 30 years) in a way that helps to meet the need raised in question 3. above. Perhaps they could take up each major section of theology, telling newcomers what sort of resources (or interesting dialogues) they can expect to find in any particular branch of systematic theology.