We Are Back Like Rip Van Winkle!

We're Back...

So. It's been waaaay to long since I last wrote - BUT - in that time I finished up my MA in philosophy and was accepted into a PhD program in Analytic Theology under the supervision of Oliver Crisp. In PhD programs and subsequent opportunities it is important that one learn from others but ultimately "be themselves". Other people have a variety of ways learning and exploring. In my own experience I get some good motivation from creating tools/systems for others to use. To that end I'd like to map out some of the core questions/topics that I see analytic theologians or philosophical theologians talking about. Yes by this time in history there are too many, but at least we can start with the basics. God's relation to time, divine foreknowledge, how we know about God, what soul is, what persons are, etc.. 

The Map.

This site already has a Bibliography that can be built out. This will be different. We can call this The Issues Map and later we can change the name into something cooler. So here is a basic plan. 

  1. Create a page each for the major categories of theology (e.g. God, Persons, Salvation, Last Things)
  2. On each page list out the major questions/topics/issues in simple title format. Perhaps as a question. Each statement/question would be a link to it's own page with as clear and brief of an article as possible. (E.g.) What is the relationship of God to Time? Is the Son Eternally Subordinate to the Father?)
  3. Below that (tabbed over) there can be various sub-questions or summer its. (e.g. "God Is Atemporal") 
  4. As I create articles, various other questions (to be answered) will surface. I can quickly stop, create a link to a fresh page, and title that page (leaving it blank to fill in later). 
  5. Articles will reference sources to support the summaries. 

Ready set go...