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Alexander Pruss - Biola/Talbot

Dr. Alexand Pruss teaches philosophy at  Baylor University. He will be giving at least two lectures at Biola University on March 15. One will be on sexual ethics. The other will likely be on some of his work on the Kalaam/Infinity. Meeting location will be updated during February. 

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Fuller Weekly Research Seminar | Dr. Robin Collins

Dr. Robin Collins,Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Messiah College will be presenting a paper titled “A Co-Creator Model of Petitionary Prayer.” In this talk, he will propose a model of petitionary prayer in which both the prayerful intentions of humans and God work together to help bring about the prayed for event. I will then show how this model makes sense of the New Testament stress on the importance of persistence and faith in petitionary prayer, and provide an account of why some prayers go “unanswered.”

Location: The Geneva Room (Payton 200)

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