Places work is being done and collaborated on.

Most of the work referenced on this site has produced by people working in academic institutions. In terms of Christian's working in philosophical theology there is a spectrum that runs fromphilosophy departments in Christian institutions to individual Christian scholars working in secular institutions but whose work is appreciated by all of the above.  

Four places work is being actively done include: (a) Conferences, (b) "Centers" set up by schools specifically to foster this type of work, (c) Philosophy and Theology Departments of Schools, (d) Journals


 The easiest way to get one's feet wet and meet people is to attend a regional conference of one the organizations below. EPS and AAR also have large annual conferences held in November (often arranged so people can attend both in one location) 


Sometimes centers are set up to encourage faculty to come together and work on topics - but - they often host public talks, papers, and conferences that anyone can attend. Fuller seminary's AT project, for example, scholars reading a paper each Wed night that is open to the public. 

Philosophy/Theology Departments of Schools

There are hundreds of philosophy programs around the country. Within many of them there are one or two faculty in the department who are also friendly to (and are themselves exemplars of ) philosophy done in service to the Christian faith.  There are other schools that are Christian in worldview (or friendly to that worldview) and that have philosophy departments were multiple faculty contribute to the work found on this site. Below are a few US schools that come to mind as being friendly to Christians working in philosophical theology and that have active programs in philosophy with many or mostly Christians working there. 

  • Baylor University
  • Notre Dame
  • Calvin College
  • Talbot School of Theology (BIOLA)
  • (There is a more to this picture than is listed here. At the PhD level the focus is not on attending a Christian vs non Christian school but instead on doing quality work with the department and justifying one's conclusions  

Other schools like St. Andrews and Fuller Seminary have long standing graduate programs in theology but have recently set up efforts to encourage students working in Analytic Theology. 


There are a wide range of Journals that could carry an article on philosophical/analytic theology (e.g. Religious Studies, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion) . You can get a sense of that by looking at the listings of journals in the bibliography section on this page or by looking at the bibliography on philpapers for a topic like the atonement (see here). By contrast there are also a few journals where most of the content in the journal is either philosophical theology or analytic theology. A few examples include

  • Journal of Analytic Theology
  • Faith & Philosophy
  • Philosophia Christi